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From Former Students

"Thank you. It was so wonderful to have you here. I hope you know how much that meant to all of us. I learned so much from you, not only from the things you suggested, but by the way you worked and dealt with the performers."

"I just wanted to write and say thanks again for such a wonderful experience. You always do such a great job at making people feel comfortable."

"I was so grateful to get a fresh and new perspective. It's so easy to get stuck in my old habits and I just loved getting something new out of the song...I learned so much from the master classes and the points you made I needed to hear!"


"I just wanted to write and tell you again how grateful I am to you for coming and giving us all such great advice. You were so kind and open to us the entire time and I respect you so much for that."

"It really meant a lot to know you believed in me. Please keep believing in actors who want to be part of your shows. Your endeavors are powerfully worthy."

"What a groovy energetic spirit you are. Auditioning for you was a great pleasure."


From Former Industry Clients

From Marjorie Halbert, Head of Musical Theatre Program, Belmont University
"I want you to know the profound impact you made at Belmont, and the influence you had on our students - this was a life changing experience for some of them. I am still processing the event with a grateful heart that you were able to come our way. Rarely do I find the unique skills of an artist/director/producer/educator with the burning desire to help students find their direction. This was the most beneficial workshop/master class I have attended in my twenty-four years at Belmont."

From Charles Coward, Production Manager, Howard University
"Once again, I would like to thank you for a WONDERFUL. workshop you conducted. The students got so much out of it. Hopefully, this will become an annual event."

From Jerry Cleveland, Faculty, Wayne State University
"It is evident that professionals and amateurs are eager to learn from you and to compare notes. As a professional artist and teacher I know how beneficial it is to invite outside professionals into the classroom, for you bring current insider news about the business, an immediacy of purpose and a fresh stimulus for the students to continue to improve upon their skills."

From Vince Lee, Indiana University
"Your supportive style had a fantastic effect on all who auditioned."

From Darla Hancock, Walt Disney Entertainment
"Your personal contribution to this project has been greatly appreciated. I have received many notes of thanks from the participants and they have all commented on the value of the information you gave them. Your one on one approach made them feel "seen" and appreciated. The only complaint that we received was that the workshop wasn't long enough! They all wanted more!"

From Lane Napper, Choreographer/Dancer
"I have been invited to assist the the children's auditioning process of Disney's The Lion King. What an incredible experience! And more importantly, what a program involved with this.This is the "Kid's Pride" program. I have had the pleasure of seeing the kids come in to the program, or an audition, and actually learn while have fun. I truly believe it has been so successful because of the hard work of one man, Kevin Kennison. I know it takes a person with a special gift to get throught to some of these children. Kevin has that gift."

From Mary Setrakian, Voice Teacher/Singer
"I think of you and the "Kid's Pride" kids often. That was such a special course. I'm proud to have been a part of it. They are so lucky to have you!"

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